The Partners and Associates of The W Law Group derive the most satisfaction and pride from the practice of law at the highest level and by building lasting client relationships, solving problems and delivering solutions. A departure from the traditional approach of naming a law firm after one or more of the partners, The W Law Group’s corporate identity is indicative of the firm’s true nature – a forward-looking, inclusive and progressive group of highly skilled professionals, working together to solve client problems and meet client needs.

While the W Law Group is many different things to many different clients, the heart of our practice is always the relationships we build with our clients.


The W Law Group brings a deep, varied base of experience to our equally diverse range of clients. Whatever your need, problem or challenge, you are assured of dealing with seasoned legal professionals who can assess the situation and provide you with sound advice and direction.


The Partners, Associates and Staff of The W Law Group see the practice of law as more than “just a job”. We believe in the law and its ability to help our clients achieve their personal and business goals. We are not a neutral third party – we are in our client’s corner from start to finish.


The W Law Group strongly believes that the best service and results flow from positive relationships built on mutual respect and trust. We listen carefully to ensure that we fully understand your situation. We answer questions and discuss the law frankly, directly and in plain English. We believe that we will always achieve the best results when you and The W Law Group work together as a team.

The W Law Group prides itself in its prairie roots and our professional services extend beyond the boundaries of the City of Saskatoon. We currently have offices in three other centres, the City of Martensville, the City of Warman and the Town of Outlook.

Martensville Law Office
402A First Avenue South, Martensville, SK
Office hours: Wednesdays – 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Stephen Nicholson in attendance
Call 306.665.9508 to arrange appointments outside office hours

Warman Law Office
211 Central Street (Kessler Insurance Building), Warman, SK
Office hours: Friday – 9:00 am – noon
Stephen Nicholson in attendance
Call 306.665.9508 to arrange appointments outside office hours

Outlook Law Office
305 Saskatchewan Avenue West, Outlook, SK
Office hours: Thursdays – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Rahim Visram in attendance
Call 306.665.9503 to arrange appointments outside office hours