The W Law Group offers a unique blend of openness and expertise designed to build lasting relationships with every client, large or small. We pride ourselves on having the skills and resources to take on just about any legal challenge, regardless of size or complexity – yet we never lose sight of the importance of every client.

Comprehensive Experience and Capabilities

The W Law Group’s partners and associates bring a broad range of experience to every situation. We have a proven history of delivering positive results across the full spectrum of corporate, institutional and personal situations. If the question is “does The W Law Group do that?” the answer is almost certainly “yes”.


The W Law Group is big enough to handle large, complex corporate and institutional accounts, yet small enough that small business and personal legal work is a significant part of our business. All our clients, large and small, deal with experienced professionals who are able to draw on the expertise of the entire staff.

Approachable, “Plain English” People

We have to understand legal terminology. That doesn’t mean that you have to. The W Law Group uses plain, understandable language that is appropriate to the situation and the client. We welcome questions and discussions, because client understanding is an important aspect of every legal situation.

Involved and Respected

The partners and associates of The W Law Group are well known, respected members of the business and legal communities. They are active in a wide variety of educational and community support activities inside and outside the legal sector.

Responsive and Reliable

The W Law Group understands that everyone’s time is valuable. We have the expertise and experience to develop thorough responses quickly and efficiently. When we commit to a date, whether it’s a major legal task or just a phone call, we keep that commitment.

Focused on You

Our growth and success have been the result of building lasting client relationships. We understand that everyone’s legal needs, regardless of how big or small the task, are extremely important to them. As a result, those needs are extremely important to us.